Casa Art Hotel can be described as a boutique hotel, an art hotel or a family hotel, we are all of that and more! Such a diverse place cannot be defined by a simple label. The family friendly Casa Art Hotel has established an extraordinary and colorful destination for you in the beautiful  and historic landscape around Oreshak near the Troyan Monastery. The idea was to create something new, different, unique and extremely cosy – a delight for all senses. According to that, the interior of every room is individually put together and expresses a theme, natural element or material. The whole Casa Art Hotel – rooms, lobby, restaurant, terrace, garden and poolside – are decorated with love and devotion to every detail by Casa Art Interior. The concept was designed by the owners Biljana Milusheva-Petrov and Plamen Petrov. All of the furniture and decorative pieces are available through Casa Art. The hotel also functions as a showroom for Casa Art Furniture & Interior. Casa Art Family Hotel welcomes all its guests with joy and the promise for an exceptional experience.