We offer great leisure activities at Casa Art Family Hotel. The Stara Planina area where our hotel is located invites you to explore the nature. Whether you enjoy one of our mountain hiking-and-cycling tours or the local sights, the beautiful landscape will take your breath away.

During the summer time you can enjoy our beautiful and artistic garden and poolside, while having an iced-coffee or a cocktail. And even bad weather has its bright side at Casa Art Boutique Hotel – you can either get creative attending one of our art workshops, or relaxed during a professional massage.


Troyan Monastery - the Monastery of the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God

The Monastery of the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God or, as it is more commonly called, the Troyan Monastery is the third largest monastery in Bulgaria. It is located in the northern part of the country in the Balkan mountains and was founded no later than the end of the 16th century.

The monastery is situated on the banks of the Cherni Osam River near Oreshak, a village 10 km from Troyan in Lovech Province, and it is a popular tourist destination.

The main church of the monastery was reconstructed near the end of Ottoman rule during the Bulgarian National Revival period by a master-builder called Konstantin in 1835. The ornate interior and exterior of the church were painted between 1847 and 1849 by Zahari Zograph, a popular Bulgarian painter at the time, who also painted the central church of the Rila Monastery, the largest monastery in Bulgaria. Many of the "moral and social experiments" of art at the time such as Doomsday and Wheel of Life were reproduced at Troyan. One highly controversial move by Zograph was to paint his image around one of the windows in the back of the church.

The iconostasis in the central church is a wood carving dating to 1839.

The Troyan Monastery is also, since the 17th century, the home of one of the holiest icons in Bulgarian Orthodoxy, the Three-Handed Virgin.

Many people make a pilgrimage to this monastery on St. George's Day because of an icon of St. George in the main church. The room, in which Bulgarian revolutionary Vassil Levski was hiding and meeting with other revolutionaries during the Ottoman period is a museum.

Address: Village of Oreshak, Stara Planina Str.
Opening hours: Daily
Phone: 06952 / 28 66 24 80

Baba Stana Neighborhood, Oreshak Area

The neighborhood of Baba Stana is located 2 km away from Casa Art Hotel, Oreshak, Troyan municipality, in a picturesque area at the foot of the mountain. In the wooded mound can be seen preserved old houses of Renaissance style. Here is a new Christian church built by John Brisbane, London lawyer whose roots maternal originate in that neighborhoods. During the Ottoman rule in Troyan lived a widow named Stana, with 12 children - living Apostles: 6 girls and 6 boys. The Turks passing through Troyan robbed and despised anything. Particular danger faced either women and girls. Turks imposed a blood tax - enslaved children males. The family of the widow Stana has been exposed to danger. She had to save her family. And she finds salvation, as she moved from Troyan and chose a  beautiful location at the foot of the mountain, under the mound, covered with forests in a small depression with springs and meadows. So she and her family establish  the neighborhood and when it comes time to name it as a  grown settlement (Stana was already grandmother)  the neighborhood takes her name - Baba Stana.



Be sure to book now -tel. 06 952 24 74 and 0889 50 81 49

The National Exhibition of Popular and Artistic Craft, Oreshak

The National Exhibition of Popular and Artistic Craft is located in the village of Oreshak, at a distance of 7 km from the town of Troyan, and only 1 km from the Troyan Monastery.This is the only exhibition in the country, which has gathered all the works of Bulgarian artists of all ethnographic regions in Bulgaria in one place.The exposition includes ten exhibition halls on an area of 4,200 square meters. The exhibition presents unique fretworks, traditional Bulgarian handmade rugs, straw-mats, articles made of ceramics, copper vessels, knitting works and embroidery works.Except for the live demonstrations of various crafts, such as pottery and wood-carving, visitors themselves can get involved in the making of some articles with their own hands. Various articles and souvenirs are sold here.Every year, on 15 August, when the temple celebration of the Troyan monastery is, the four-day Crafts Fair takes place. The Easter Fair is also conducted here during the Easter holidays. During the fair craftsmen present their works in the yard of the exhibition area.One of the most renowned events in the region is the Festival of Plum and Troyan Plum Rakiya (Brandy). It is conducted in the last Saturday of September. Contests are also conducted during the festival period – for the best home-made rakiya and for the best snack.


Oreshak - Аrt and religion, hand in hand

Oreshak is destined to protect the national spirit, as its occurrence. The village represents the love of the craft and faith in God. Here, religion and culture join hands to preserve the faith of man in some more lofty ideals.

Oreshak of those Balkan places where your mind like flies beyond reality. Saved time, protected by nature, cared by the State Oreshak is a symbol of pure and genuine love for the art of human and spiritual values​​. Vacationing here is celebrated with a lot of mystery with many colorful emotions and powerful memories.


Oreshak is the secret weapon of the Troyan Balkan - if you have not managed to impress enough of the beauty of nature in this part of Bulgaria, this time is likely to pass.
Lovely cool forests and the mild climate make the mountain Oreshak attractive destination throughout the year. In the vicinity there are countless places for picnics and walks, and herbalists can encounter rare and extremely healing specimens.


The earliest written evidence of Oreshak (a Turkish name Kuzluk) are of Ottoman records in 1631, according to which there originally inhabited by 13 households.

Hotel Casa Art invites you in Oreshak enjoy an extraordinary village and an extraordinary hotel!

Etnographic Museum - museum of folk crafts in Bulgaria

Etnographic Museum is located 7 km from CASA ART hotel in Oreshak. This is the  only museum of folk crafts in Bulgaria , located in Troyan.The building was originally an elementary school, and later was given to the munisipality. The exposition in the museum was found in 1968 and shows  typical of the region unique collection of pottery, carpentry and metal art, as well as contemporary works of masters from Trojan. The exhibits shown  in Troyan museum are over 131 tousand pieces, the oldest ones are dated from X-IX centuries BC.
At the entrance of the museum there is a replica of the Trojan handicraft bazar. The entire first floor traces back the historical development of art pottery from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages and Renaissance. During the Renaissance, Troyan turns into a center of pottery and carpentry and here is shown the evolution of the famous Troyan pattern - of prevailing soft earth colors with decorative glazes, incised and plastic decorations, different colors and hense the Troyan colorful pattern is achieved.
In the hall of woodworking crafts exhibits authentic foot lathe belt of XIX century. Here you can see beautiful examples of craftsmanship as a yoke, board for placing water pots, wedding chest, three-leged chairs, wine vessels and bowls. The woodcarvers of Troyan are famous for its carved iconostasis, royal gates and bishop thrones. In the hall of woodcarvings you can see copies of iconostasis and different home-made icons. The metalworking craft is represented by the most popular crafts in Troyan - forging, farriery, axe making, cutlery, copper, gold and that armory. In the hall of art crafts you will see restoration of a typical Balkan home from the rivival period  with its arrangements, clothing and household. You will enjoy the subtle skill of the Balkan woman to weave amazing goat wool blankets, wool blankets and colorful rugs. Leather crafting is represented by exhibits of saddlebags, bags and covers for animals.
Address: Troyan, Sq. Vazrojdenie 1
Working hours: Monday - Saturday: 9:00 am to 17:00 pm (Sunday - by appointment)
Phone: 0670 / 220 62; 220 63

Zelenikovski monastery

Let's enjoy the fresh mountain air and the beautiful green scenery of the mountain! Zelenikovski monastery "St. John the Baptist" is located in the Zelenikovets in the Troyan Balkan, about 8 km southeast of the Troyan Monastery, about five kilometers south of the village Cherni Osam. The monastery has an incredible view from the Great Kupen and Ambaritsa.

10:30 departure / from hotel Casa Art / - Return around 14:00

Price per person - 15.00 BGN

/ the price includes mineral water and a sandwich /

Requests for the mountain hike are accepted by phone:

T: 0889508149 or 06952 / 24-74

Especially for you, for the guests of Hotel Casa Art, we prepared several mountain routes in the Troyan Balkan with different duration and intensity of our hike.

Price from 20 BGN to 35 BGN per person depending on the duration of the walk

Walk to the picturesque neighborhood of Baba Stana – 3 hours

Bike ride along Cherni Osam through the Troyan Monastery – 4 hours

Walk to Troyan in the footsteps of the Apostle - 4-5 hours

Natural Science Museum Cherni Osam village

Natural Science Museum Cherni Osam village -in the museum exhibits a rich exposition of mounted animal species which live in the Central part of the Old Mountain: mammals, birds, reptiles, insects. The museum was created by a collection of amateur biology teacher in the village, supported by local students. Currently the museum is a rich illustration of the animal world, a place where visitors can learn about the natural resources of the area and trainings on environmental protection, parks and reserves in the mountain.

Address: Cherni Osam village

Working hours: Monday - Sunday: 8.00 to 17.00
Phone: 06962 371

Fortress Sostra

Fortress Sostra – A tour to a former Roman military garrison /Sostra fortress - for groups of at least 6 people/
The Roman military camp Sostra is located 12 km north of Troyan and 28 km south from Lovech. It is located on relatively flat terrain in the valley of the Osam River. Near the excavation have been found many coins, vessels, monuments. Most valuable finding is an ancient Thracian mask of V-IV century B.C. The valley is surrounded by hills: Trapezitsa (550 m above sea level), Mikrenskite heights (Popina hill and Popinka 500 m above sea level) and Sulashkoto (Kaleto 500 meters above sea level). To the south, valley opens between the land of the villages Dalbok dol and Dobrodan.
The castle was built near the river influx Ladana (Lom River), which runs near the north wall and Osam river, which flows 500 m from the eastern wall. The altitude of the fort is 300 m. The location is very strategic, because it controls the approaches to the south of Troyan, and the passing by road.
East (main) gate of the fortress face "Kalugerski passage” which was the only passage to the upper level of Osam river. The entire valley in which the fortress lies, covers an approximate area of 4 square kilometers. In this area there are partially explored ancient lots. The river valley is part of Troyan Fore mountain.
Address: Highway Trojan / Lovech
Working hours: Every day





At Casa Art Boutique Hotel you have the unique opportunity to take part in an artistic ceramic workshop. You will design your own ceramics and paint them with the help of amazing local ceramic artists.
Create something with your own hands, like our ancestors did over a thousand years ago.
The art of ceramics and pottery is deeply embedded in the Bulgarian culture, especially in the mountainous area of Troyan. Our ceramic artists have their own workshop area in our seminar hall, and they will come to us when required.
We organize workshops in pottery and ceramics for all ages and levels, with teachers and facilities available for individual and group lessons.

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Do you want to create something by yourself?
Are you inspired by the artistic interior of Casa Art Arthotel?
Take part in a glass painting workshop and amuse youself with paints. Use your imagination by choosing your favorite colors and paint on unusual canvas.
If you are in need of a special gift for your loved ones, glass painting is a very good choice, and a great opportunity for them to create something from the heart.


Discover the culinary talent inside of you!
Under the directions of our chef  Valeri Blagoev, you will get acquainted with
a variety of national, international and vegan cuisine!
Dear guests, it is a pleasure for us to introduce a cookery workshop
in the specially designed Atelier Gourmet in the colors of Casa Art Arthotel.

Once you prepare your incredible dishes, you will be delighted to taste them in the artistic Atelier Gourmet, with the sunslight shining through the glass roof making the food look even more appetizing!





Forget dynamic life, leave the big city and turn your mobile phones off.
Now, you are fully prepared to spend an exciting day in the most hidden places of the Stara Planina area - nature reserves, tiny forest paths taking you to vast meadows, inaccessible caves, waterfalls and remote chapels.
On the way between the area of Troyan and the valley of the Beli Osam River you will find numerous remarkable plants and animal species.
If, by chance, you come across the meetings of old grannies, somewhere hiqh in the mountains, let them tell you stories about their livelihood, grandchildren, animals or sparkling wine, get in touch with their somewhat forgotten customs and culture.
Did we wake up your desire to spend an unforgettable day up in the mountains?
For our guests at the Casa Art Arthotel, we arrange hiking routes up in the mountain near  Oreshak, with different duration and intensity.


Cycling challenges with or without Biljana and Plamen.
One of the favorite activities of the founders of Casa Art Hotel, Biljana and Plamen is cycling, in particular, mountain biking.
We have discovered so many incredible routes starting right from the Casa Art Hotel in Oreshak near the Troyan Monastery which are suitable for the cautious ones and for those who seek adventure.

For all of you, cycling in the area of Troyan is a great delight and you can enjoy the panoramic views and fresh air and feel relaxed up in the mountains.
Our favorite route is Oreshak-Apriltsi, and on the way we pay a visit to the charming Mary and her husband Julien. Our friends have developed and follow with inspiring enthusiasm one of the most unusual business concepts. They have revived some old and forgotten national crafts such as knitting, weaving and making dough pies.
We absolutely recommend visiting Mary and Julien who is French whenever you are here!


Horse riding at Aidushko gathering place.
A qualified instructor offers individual and group training in elite horse riding at the arena. Personalized tutorial would ensure rapid success in the first steps of horse riding.

You can book a horse riding tutorial during your visit at Casa Art Arthotel. Our partners from Club Alfa Daniel will make you feel the adrenaline and you can take a deep breath of fresh mountainous air.


In our yoga classes at Casa Art Family Hotel you can relax deeply and find yourself in our beautiful surroundings.
One of the big advantages of yoga, however, is that it reduces stress and fatigue, you are able to refresh, increase vitality, slow aging and relax!
People who practice yoga in order to improve and maintain their common health often find that their specific diseases begin to resolve. The healing effects of yoga have been clinically proven.

In cooperation with our partners from Biorelaks Troyan we offer individual or
group yoga workshops at Casa Art Boutique Hotel.


Sport activity available in the area.
The tennis court is located near the stadium in Troyan, about 6 km away from Casa Art Arthotel in Oreshak. Martin, a friend of ours, is a tennis teacher, who gives private tennis lessons.

The price for two players for 1 hour is 15 BGN for adults and 10 BGN for children.

The team of Casa Art Arthotel will be happy to assist you with booking a tennis lesson in case you are willing to take one. Look for more information at the reception desk of the hotel. This is a great opportunity to be active during your weekend!


Turning winter into unforgettable memories!
How about skiing in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains?

If you are thinking about where you would like to spend your winter vacation or an exciting weekend in the white magic of winter, if you are seeking for unique artistic atmosphere, creative fun and closeness to nature, Casa Art Arthotel is your place!
Your winter holiday at this special place will become unforgettable if it also includes ski entertainment.

Away from the crowds of major ski resorts, only 28 km away from the Casa Art Hotel there is a cozy winter resort Riviera with its three ski slopes and a lift, six snowmobiles and slides for the kids. Ski lift is free of charge, only ski lessons are paid.

After an exciting day at nature, cheerful crackling fire is awaiting you in the Casa Art lobby and restaurant fireplaces, where you can have a cup of hot drink or choose a traditional Bulgarian and international dish prepared with love by our culinary team!



Trained in classic and curative maggages, our therapist Vasilka Laleva has the ability to heal using the pure energy of crystals /semi-precious stones/ and she is using this ability successfully.

Trigger point massage is famous for its high efficiency achieved for a very short time.  It aims to ease pain, cramps, fatigue. Massages are carried out along the energy meridians, thus releasing blockades at different acupuncture points. Massages restore the emotional balance and harmony, and the natural connection between spirit and body.

Combining therapy and pleasure is a natural way to maintain health, and it also improves self-esteem. Which is a new beginning for a new day!  


Massage Details


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The artistic swimming pool with an incredible panoramic view to the Troyan Mountain at a distance is a pleasant start-up of pleasures which Casa Art Family hotel offers during summer.

The swimming pool contains a separate area for adults, Jakuzzi and a kids pool.

You want to know more about Casa Art Hotel?

Just leave us a call or a message and we will get back to you. Our staff will gladly answer any of your questions!