Suite Legend

The furniture, the old beams in the attic, the old fireplace brick fireplace, the wrought iron lamps, the old rugs and the knitted curtains turn the suite of the Casa Art the mysterious arena of past centuries. We achieve this incredible authenticity with old beams of past centuries.

The valuable, almost vanishing material of deep historical character is as if created for eternity. Each millimeter of the suite Legend, sheltered his age-old secret.

Surprise your beloved or beloved with a mysterious weekend and write down your very personal age-old secret in the arms of this apartment.

You can combine your weekend in the Casa Arts walk to the historical hills of Tsarevets and the village of Arbanassi. Plamen Petrovas furniture LEGEND “One day I saw people burn the old beams on the street. As if I heard their voice, their stories. I felt their cry for life, their deep wisdom, their plastic silhouettes shaped over time. Taqah started to gather these old friends to keep their lives for the next few centuries. From them they create creatures that are so individual and plastic, as human and unique as any beam from which they are created.”


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One-bedroom apartment / upholstered furniture / furniture made of real solid wood / individual, thematic furnishing / interior design created by co-founder Biljana Milusheva / paintings and artifacts by co-founder Plamen Petrov / individual bathrooms fitting the theme / real wooden flooring / hair dryer / private terrace / telephone / cable / mini bar / air conditioner / wi-fi / room service / area with fireplace at the reception / restaurant with fireplace and furnace   Extras Parking / ATM in the center of Oreshak / garden / outdoor playground / terrace / outdoor pool with jacuzzi and children's pool / multimedia seminar room / indoor play room


Workshops on ceramics, stained glass and cooking / mountain trekking / bike rentals / massages / table tennis / sightseeing


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